Mission Statement

Traditional fundraising is limited. We reach out to the financial planning community for referrals or clientele who are philanthropic as our primary donor source. In turn, we ask the financial community to support the administrative costs of the foundation on a reduced cost or pro bono basis. The foundations officers and employees are non-salaried.

Our goal of the foundation is to be a funding or grant source to select      children's causes after a stringent evaluation and due diligence process.

Hope Community Foundation utilizes a "working" board that is often active and working with these charitable programs. This helps us with our           bottoms-up assessment of the effectiveness and the    evaluation of the program resources.

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Phone: 414-476-4999
Fax: 414-476-4889
Email: gschmidley@sbcglobal.net

Hope Community Foundation, Inc.
George M. Schmidley, President
2300 N. Mayfair Rd., Suite 640
Milwaukee, WI 53226