Charities and Programs Sponsored by  Hope Community Foundation:

Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety Burn Camp--        provides a summer camping experience for children aged 7 to 17 who have endured significant burn injuries. While at the camp, these children can participate in supervised activities, make new friends, share feelings, and develop self-esteem.

Camp Heartland--A national, non-profit organization that    enhances the lives of children infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS through year-round support, advocacy, recreational             programs and community AIDS awareness efforts.               

Amachi Mentoring Program--A special mentoring program that changes the odds for children of incarcerated parents by    matching them with caring, adult mentors from the faith-based   community. Without intervention, studies show children of           incarcerated parents have a 70% chance of following the same path in life. Mentoring through value-based  role models with emphasis on academic performance can break cycles and lead youth to      positive, productive lives.

Youth Scholarship Programs--The foundation supports youth scholarships to qualified candidates based on academic       perfomance and financial need with goal of creating first              generation college youth. Current recipients include the H. Matthew Beecham Scholarship Fund and the United Negro College Fund (UNCF).   

KidReach Program-- This worthwhile, non-profit program was established through HealthReach Rehabilitation in Brookfield, WI. The program supports children dealing with temporary and           permanent disabilities. While physical therapy helps to address the medical challenges, this program supports the children and families with other related physical emotional issues that greatly enhance their well being and quality of life.
Children's Eastern Europe Project--Two separate          programs are dedicated to support  the de-institutionalized,         abandoned, or orphaned children of eastern Europe. These homes and rehabilitation facilities provide 24 hour daily care along with food, medical attention, social services, and an environment of hope. International adoption is also supported through these programs. and www.

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